Bouvier Profile
Vital statistics
Name Bouvier
Base of operations Space station
Affiliation(s) Providence
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark blue-green
Abilities Genius-level intellect
Allies Dr. Holiday, Pete Volkov, Dr. Rhodes
Enemies Zag RS
Further info
First appearance "Gravity" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Rob Paulsen
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Bouvier was a French Providence scientist. He worked alongside Dr. Holiday, Dr. Rhodes, and Pete Volkov in Providence's space station. He succeeded in finding a way to deactivate nanites, but failed and realized Zag RS had corrupted the space station's systems.[1]


Bouvier designed the algorithmic for their research. He succeeded in controlling the unstable nanites and claimed all the credit for himself. However, when the nanites exploded, and Zag RS revealed herself, he soon realized that the system was fairly easy to design because of her help. He and the other scientists attempted to find a way to cut Zag RS from the systems.

While Dr. Holiday and Dr. Rhodes were running to shut down the satellite's systems, he panicked and went to an escape pod despite Pete Volkov's warning. Bouvier's escape pod collided with one of the satellite's solar panels, thus it was broken and thrown out of the space station's range. While Doctor Rhodes survived, it was never known what happened to Bouvier. It can be assumed that since his escape pod was destroyed that he died in the vacuum of space if he wasn't destroyed along with the pod he was in.[1]


Season One


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