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The haha

Bobo Haha as he appears in the M. Rex comic.

Bobo Haha is a half-robot, half-monkey.[1]


Bobo appeared only in the future (year 2005), where he was interrogating a thug about Codex Mundi and Eden.


Bobo is vicious and willing to do anything to reach his goals. He speaks in almost incoherent English.

Physical appearance

Bobo is mostly a machine; the only part of his body which still remains fleshy is the upper half of his head. He also wears a fez.


  • Bobo calls himself "The HaHa".
  • Bobo smokes cigars.
  • He appears in several pictures promoting the series but never as his robotic self. This artwork portrays him as a normal monkey wearing a circus-like uniform (on its epaulettes are written the words "Bobo Haha").


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