Species Plant EVO
Body type Tree
Unusual features Multiple red eyes
Special abilities Growing branches and roots
Further info
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"
Last appearance "Back in Black"

Blinky is a Tree EVO that resides in Providence's Petting Zoo. It appears to be quite friendly to Rex on some occasions.


During a small race Rex had around the Zoo, Blinky attempted to attack him as part of his training. However, it missed and was easily evaded by Rex.[1]

There was another time where Noah and Rex were locked in the Petting Zoo. After spotting Noah, Blinky attempted to attack him, but was punched by Rex, thus stunning it.[2]

Later on, Blinky helped Rex fling back the Rabbit EVO from chasing Rex down in the Petting Zoo. Rex thanked him as gratitude.[3]

Blinky also encountered the Electric EVO Just because the EVO gave him a bad look, he attempted to attack it but missed.[4]


Blinky has the ability to stretch its branches a limited distance. They may be used in offensive or defensive techniques.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • Blinky look-alikes are used as Van Kleiss's henchmen in the Cartoon Network game, Abysus Arena.
  • Multiple tree EVOs similar to Blinky appear in Cartoon Network's MMOPRG, FusionFall.
  • In "Robo Bobo", Blinky helped Rex, which might suggest that either it hates EVOs that attack it or it has some kind of friendship with Rex.


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