Sometimes you just have to say 'nuke 'em!'

Rex to Doctor Holiday on the bleach protocol, "The Swarm"

Bleach bomb

The bleach bomb on the Brooklyn Bridge.

A Bleach bomb is a Providence weapon of last resort designed to wipe out everything in an area using a "forced plasma cascade". The weapon is deployed at ground level with a timer, giving Providence agents enough time to retreat from the range of the explosion. The bomb is so dangerous that it requires permission from an international secretary of defense in order to be detonated. It is seen to have been successfully used once.


White Knight ordered the weapon be deployed to halt Peter Meechum's advance. The bomb was to be taken to the bridge where Peter Meechum was leading a zombie-like EVO army to save his daughter, Sarah Meechum. Without White Knight or Rex knowing, Six took out the launch key from the bleach bomb, while Rex talked Peter into curing him. However, White Knight was not happy that Six deactivated the bomb without his orders.[1]

It was used again in order to stop the rampage of the Lomitle, the bomb was detonated above their nest; however, this only served to accelerate their reproduction cycle.[2]


Bleach explosion

The bleach bomb is deployed.

The bleach bomb basically is a gargantuan white container with various designs at the top. It presumably wields the same power to wipe out a living organism's nanites as the nanite-dissecting chamber at Providence.

To activate it, two people are needed to arm the bomb. The first person inserts a key into the slot at the front of the machine then pulls down the lever, which activates a three minute countdown. The second person, who is usually a higher rank in Providence, confirms the activation by a palm-print recognition on a specially designed touch-screen. Deactivating the bomb happens by reversing previously done actions: pulling up the lever which activated the bomb and taking out the activation key.[1]


  • This is the special attack for Six in Cartoon Network's Exonaut.[citation needed]


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