Black cat

Black Cat profile

209-Black cat E.V.O

Vital statistics
Species Feline
Physical description
Hair color Black (fur)
Eye color Gold
Abilities Density shifting (formerly)
Weapons Claws
Allies Annie, Claire Bowman, Rex Salazar, Noah Nixon
Further info
First appearance "Haunted" (only appearance)
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The black cat is an animal that was formerly a cloud-like EVO that Claire, Annie, Noah and Rex once encountered while going ghost hunting at the Wrightson Hotel.[1]


Several years ago the Wrightson Hotel was a rather popular destination, until the owner's cat turned EVO Because the transformation coincided with the death of Wrightson, it was believed that the EVO was the ghost of its dead master. As a result of the so-called haunting the hotel was shut down and the EVO left it in a state of disrepair.

When Rex, Noah, Annie and Claire had gone ghost hunting at the Wrightson Hotel, the group had seen a portrait of Wrightson himself. Along with Wrightson in the photo was a small black cat which Annie said was a symbol of superstition and the occult.

With help from his brother, Caesar, Rex rigged the hotel to appear to be haunted intending to scare both of the girls in order for Claire to get closer to Noah. While Rex was using his powers to move objects around the house to make it look haunted, other things began to happen by something unseen and unknown.

Rex then confessed to the girls, causing them to believe that everything wasn't done by him. Shortly afterward, Rex was attacked by the EVO that was somewhat invisible. When touching the EVO Rex couldn't feel its nanites, revealing itself to the others of being an EVO. The team put together the facts that the nanites were in a "cloud" like formation, which allowed the creature to appear invisible and intangible.

With one of the magnet tools Caesar created, Noah was able to cluster the nanites together, revealing the EVO's true form. Eventually breaking up afterward, Rex and the group got into a tight battle. Using a machine called a "mini-chiller", Annie accidentally froze the floor allowing Noah and Claire to slide into an elevator. With the doors closing, the EVO slammed into it, jamming it shut.

Annie and Rex eventually stalled the EVO enough for Annie to get the mini-chiller after sliding under a count. Annie then froze the EVO once it clustered enough, giving Rex enough time to cure it. After the EVO was cured, it was revealed to be a small black cat. Annie picked it up and began snuggling the purring animal in her arms.

Afterward, the group walked out of the hotel to meet Caesar, who checked up on them. The cat then ran in front of Rex and Noah, causing them to run after it to avoid what they thought would be bad luck.[1]


Season Two


  • In most cultures, black cats are considered to be a source of bad luck.
  • When Annie held the black cat, Rex thought she wasn't exactly the right person to be holding it (hence her supernatural clumsiness and bad luck).


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