"Beyond the Sea"
Season 1, Episode 3
Beyond the Sea
Air date May 7, 2010
Written by Man of Action
Directed by Chris Graham
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"Beyond the Sea" is the third episode of season one of Generator Rex and the third of the overall series. It debuted on May 7, 2010.


Rex and Bobo decide to have some fun by sneaking off to Cabo Luna for spring break. While at the beach, Rex meets an EVO girl named Circe who's on an initiation mission in order to join Van Kleiss's group, The Pack.


After hearing of the tourist destination Cabo Luna from a briefing and Bobo, Rex decides to stage another breakout, giving Noah and Bobo a lift to the tourist destination of Cabo Luna for spring break despite rumors of an EVO monster in the area.

During a volleyball game, he meets and falls for a girl named Circe, who initially wants nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, Providence is frantically looking for Rex, who subconsciously destroyed the tracking device planted on him and ditched his communicator. Agent Six remembers that Rex had earlier struck up a conversation with Bobo at the mention of the string of EVO attacks on seaside resorts in Mexico and orders them to be scanned for EVO activity.

Circe summons a sea monster

Circe summons a sea monster.

Another chance encounter later leads Rex to discover that Circe is an EVO with both the power to fire a sonic blast and lure other EVOs and she is trying to earn the right to join the Pack by defeating an EVO sea monster. Rex, however, has concerns for her safety, because both Circe and Rex working together could not defeat it, and because Rex knows what Van Kleiss does with EVOs.

While Agent Six, Bobo and Noah attempt to hold off Biowulf and Breach so that Circe and Rex can defeat the EVO, Rex helps Circe defeat the monster. He afterward appeals to her to join him at Providence, but she tells him the Pack is the only place she could feel accepted. Rex decides to prematurely end the vacation and return to Providence to drown his sorrows in his work. Meanwhile, Van Kleiss has been informed of the budding closeness between Rex and Circe and welcomes into the Pack anyway, with the full intent of using her affections for Rex to coerce him to his side.


Voice actor Role(s)
Daryl Sabara Rex Salazar
Wally Kurth Agent Six
Captain Calan
John DiMaggio Bobo Haha
Waiter (debut)
Fred Savage Noah
Waylan (debut)
Grey DeLisle Beach Girl #1 (debut)
Tara Sands Circe (debut)
Beach Girl #2 (debut)
Troy Baker Biowulf
Van Kleiss
J. K. Simmons Cured EVO (debut)
Non-speaking role(s)
Doctor Holiday

Series continuity

  • The events of this episode are mentioned again in "Hard Target".


  • Cabo Luna is a fictional location.
  • The featured song is "Ghetto-Blasta" by Orange.
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