Beau Boe
Beau Profile
Vital statistics
Name Beau Boe
Affiliation(s) Trendbenders
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Allies Rex Salazar, JoJo, Sly, Leon
Enemies Sebastian
Further info
First appearance "Rock My World" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Quinton Flynn
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Beau is a band member of the Trendbenders. He is the bass player of the group.


Beau, along with his band, the Trendbenders, performed at a concert. While being there, the group noticed an old, crazy fan; Sebastian. Sebastian was the band's first fan and enjoyed their music, but had been harassing the band ever since they rose to fame. The group, later, hired Rex Salazar to be their temporary security guard.

One night while at a hotel, Sebastian located the band. The band tried to escape, but was chased down by him, almost getting them killed in the process. Rex saved the band and cured a clone of Sebastian's, whom everyone thought was the original. As time went by, the group seemed to notice that they were having less problems at their concerts.

Staying at another hotel JoJo told the group that she managed to book a gig for the band. Arriving at the destination, Beau noticed that the place looked really similar to where they performed their first concert. Lights went out, and the group was ambushed. When the lights came on, they were each on stage with their equipment and with bombs strapped to their ankles. Sebastian ordered that the band play their old music or else he would kill them.

Sebastian was stopped by Rex and he freed Beau and his friends. Sebastian was sent to jail and to show appreciation, they asked Rex if he would love to come along the rest of the tour. However, he declined.[1]


Season Three


  • Beau passes a lot of gas. According to his friends' reactions, it reeks.[1]


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