Vital statistics
Name Beasly
Base of operations Providence Headquarters
Affiliation(s) Providence
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Abilities Marksmanship
Weapons EVO blaster
Allies Wade, Captain Calan, Rex Salazar
Enemies NoFace, Lava spitting EVO
Further info
First appearance "The Forgotten"
Last appearance "Badlands"
Portrayed by: Khary Payton
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Beasly is a Providence agent. He is often seen accompanying Wade on missions.[1][2]


Season One

The Forgotten

Beasly was on a Providence transport with Captain Calan and other Providence agents. The ship was being chased by two other jets, but they escaped. Trying to make an escape, the agents flew over the Bug Jar, but were shot down from below and crash-landed into the Jar. Remarkably, they all survived, but were soon attacked by NoFace and his EVOs.

Eventually Rex, Six, and Bobo came to save them but Beasly and Wade were the only ones hiding in a sewer. They told Agent Six and Rex that Captain Calan had been taken by NoFace.[1]


Beasly and Wade were fending off a lava spitting EVO Once Rex appeared, he quickly finished the battle, causing him to feel somewhat superior to Providence agents. Beasly told him that he wouldn't last a day in Providence Basic.[2]


Beasly appeared to be part of the delivery of the unstable nanites. He was shown fighting alongside Providence and fending off Gatlocke and his gang. He also supported Agent Six by trying to track down Rex, Noah, and Bobo after they got lost on the road while traveling.[3]


Season One


  • His voice actor Khary Payton has voiced Cyborg from Teen Titans and voices Aqualad from Young Justice.


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