Vital statistics
Name Beagle
Affiliation(s) Skaters
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Dark
Allies Dunky, McKelly, Shades
Enemies Rex Salazar, Noah Nixon
Further info
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"
Last appearance "Grounded"
Portrayed by: Fred Savage ("The Day That Everything Changed")
Steven T. Seagle ("Grounded")
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Beagle is a teenage boy who is best known for his association with his gang.


The Day That Everything Changed

He was first seen with his friends looking down a deep pit. He refused to go skate, claiming that people die when doing it. When Rex showed up he jokingly asked if he was going down there riding his monkey but was awed when Rex showed his EVO powers. When Rex gave each one of them soda, Beagle asked again. Rex accidentally shot the soda can, hitting right on Beagle's head as his friends laughed at him. Beagle and the skaters used Rex but then showed their true selves when Rex declined a simple request.[1]


When Rex was grounded at Providence, Noah suggested to bring party members to have a small start. Noah claimed the skaters were the only ones in school meanwhile he was in detention. Beagle still could not remember Rex's name, calling him "you" when suggesting his idea. He asked if Rex would turn them into EVOs and make him have the power to turn underwear into pudding.[2]


Season One

Season Two



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