Generator Rex Basketball

Rex and Noah playing basketball.

Basketball is a sport which normally includes a team of players against an another opposing team. It appears to be Rex's and Noah's favorite sport to play on their spare time whenever they need to talk things out. They either play it at the Keep's gym or a local park.


The game involves two individuals or teams where as they compete against one another into shooting a ball through tall basketball hoops. Who ever makes the most hoops by the end of the game wins.


In one occasion, Rex and Noah played basket ball to talk about something that been bothering Rex for some time. As Noah and him spoke, Noah mentioned how bad Rex was at basketball. Fooling around, Rex used his powers, using his smack hands to make a slam dunk, ruining the hoop in the process.[1]

Again, Rex and Noah played basketball by themselves to talk about Hunter Cain and how he turned the whole town against him. A few others came by to play basketball, and when Rex offered, they declined by calling him an EVO freak. This upset Rex, causing him to flee from the mob of people.[2]

In the beginning, Rex and Noah were playing over a bet to see who was the best at basketball. Meanwhile, they were interrupted by a level two EVO alert.[3]

Rex and Ben Tennyson played basketball while telling each other stories about their lives and it was altered whenever they gained their abilities. Rex shot a basketball and happened to break a window. Ben, on the other hand, made a perfect basket.[4]

While Rex and Noah were thinking of how to handle the Consortium, Rex asked for a sign if he were making the right choice to stop them himself. As he threw the basketball, he made a full basket for the first time, shocking himself and Noah. He believed that this was a concrete sign.[5]


  • According to Noah, Rex is hopeless at basketball.[1]
    • This is seen on several occasions when he is defeated by Noah and even Ben Tennyson.[4]


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