Noah: And shouldn't you be in a hurry?
Rex: Relax. It's only a level 2. (the E.V.O. appears) Oh wait. That's right. The lower the number, the worse the threat. You know, they really should change that.

Lecturer: Another excellent combat example...
Rex: Hey! They're studying me.
Lecturer: Of how a Providence Fire team can overcome the tactical deficiencies of this particular special agent.
Noah: Very Educational!

Noah: (Upon being awoken at 12:01 A.M.) Can't be morning already!

DI Hutton: Where did you maggots learn to brush your teeth? (and after seeing Rex and Noah accidentally spitting their toothpaste) Did you just mess up my floor?! Pick that up and put it back in your mouths!

DI Hutton: (When he hears Rex vomit) Did you just mess up my lawn?!

Lansky: (sobbing after failed the test) I cant take it anymore!

DI Hutton: Another one, hits the steps. Who's next?

Noah: Rex!
DI Hutton: He can handle himself. I need all of you. We've still got a cadet down there.
Male Cadet: But we're unarmed.
DI Hutton: What you are is Providence! And we never leave a man behind.

Kenwyn Jones: (DI is injured) He needs help.
Noah: So does Rex. Look! He's too busy getting hit to hit them back.
Kenwyn Jones: He's right. We gotta draw their fire so Rex can go on offense.
Male Cadet: But we don't have any weapons.
Kenwyn Jones: That's why we have to distract those things, so Rex can use his.
Male Cadet: That's insane!
Kenwyn Jones: Maybe, but it's what Providence Grunts are trained to do. We do our job, so he can do his. I get it now.

Kenwyn Jones: My fault. I - I mess with the collar. I...
Rex: Forget it. Sometimes when you want to be number one bad enough, it can make your brain stop working.

DI Hutton: And here I was thinking I had misjudged you.
Rex: Really? you think I could hack it here?
DI Hutton: Not a chance. (to Noah) You, maybe. Now both of you, hit the steps... And keep up the good work.

Rex: You know, this has actually made me appreciate all the stuff the grunts do.
Noah: Yeah?
Rex: And it also made me appreciate how I will never do anything like this again.
Noah: I don't know. I think maybe someday... I might.
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