Vital statistics
Name Bannock
Species Animal EVO
Base of operations Van Kleiss' castle
Affiliation(s) The Pack
Physical description
Gender Male
Allies Circe, Rex, Biowulf, Skalamander, The Pack
Enemies Black Knight
Further info
First appearance "Assault on Abysus" (only appearance)
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Bannock is a large EVO worm and friend of Circe's. He lives in Abysus and keeps the secret passageway to Van Kleiss' castle blocked from intruders.


When Rex and Circe first entered Abysus and needed a way to get into Van Kleiss' castle, Circe communicated to Bannock by whistling to him. He revealed a large hole in the wall which he was blocking, and let them past. Again, he appeared to help Circe when she and Biowulf were in dire need of an escape.[1]


Season Three


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