Black Knight: Agent Six and Holiday took indefinite leave. They've been off the grid ever since. I've attempted to contact them, but, no response.
Rex: Mind if I give 'em a ring? Not that I don't trust you.
Black Knight: But you don't trust me. Natural, given the circumstances. Be my guest.

Black Knight: (after Rex gets disconnected) It won't be long till we locate them. Meanwhile, there are many familiar faces who'd be glad to hear you're back. Which reminds me, (tosses Rex a sack) this is everything we salvaged from your room.
Rex: (opening the sack to find his ball) Wow, talk about starting over.

Black Knight: (after seeing Caesar talk to Rex) Family ties. They transcend even time itself.
Rex: Caesar's not my only family.

Rex: (after being told to carry out a mission on his own) What's this strange feeling that's come upon me? Could it be (shivers) responsibility?!

Black Knight: (about the EVO collars) You know what would happen without our influence.
Rex: So, you're hijacking its brain, like you tried to do with mine.
Black Knight: That won't be necessary if you'll willingly cooperate.
Rex: Translation: if I do everything you say.
Black Knight: You've seen how we can work together. Providence still needs you. There will always be a few EVOs we can't control.
Rex: Yeah, and I'm one of them.

Rex: (after being reunited with Six and Dr. Holiday) It's too bad about White, though.I never thought I'd say it, but I'm gonna miss that pasty guy.
White Knight: (entering room) How touching, Rex. I, on the other hand, have rather enjoyed the last six Rex-free months. Now, if we're done with the love-in, we have work to do.
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