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Amazonian base

Rex and Oso inside the base.

The Station, as Oso Maretelo refers to it, is a Providence base that resides in the middle of a jungle.


Rex and Bobo didn't seem to have a very good first impression about the base. When first visiting it, Oso told Rex and Bobo that the air conditioning had broken down again, implying that this happened frequently. While examining the kennel, Oso was attacked by the Chupacabra. Rex and Bobo helped saved him; in return, he took them out for drink

The base was eventually infiltrated by the Green Fist who tried to free the harmless EVOs captured there. They were caught by Rex, Oso and Bobo and the two group engaged into a brawl. However, the Green Fist still managed to set the EVOs free. Trying to escape, they were each attacked by the Chupacabra and brought back for examinations. Valentina was saved and they locked her in a cage to question. Later, she was released to help capture the Chupacabra.

Again, Rex went back to get a cure from Oso so he could heal the toxin that the Chupacabra had injected him with. Along with him, Valentina's men were also cured.[1]


Amazonian base 1

One of the station facilities.

Out of all the bases, it is a very small base and has less resources. It is divided into three small facilities, each used for different working purposes. A small room called the kennel, is a room that holds a vast amount of EVOs in cages. The cages, however, are stacked upon other cages with EVOs locked inside. As stated by Oso, whenever an EVO too large is captured, they are shipped to large facilities like the Petting Zoo.[1]


  • In the beginning of the episode, it is unknown whether the infiltrated base is this one or another due to its different appearance and structure.


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