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Agents of Providence is a promotional site of Generator REX created by Cartoon Network. It was set in 2009 and features several sections such as videos, games, character descriptions and more.


The site has several videos:

  • Sighting the E.V.O.s - section contains short videos in which normal people encounter E.V.O.s.
  • Prep-talks of Holiday and Six - short videos in which either Six or Holiday are encouraging people to join the Organization.
  • Rex captured - a video appearing after the final exam for a Providence agent. Video features Rex being bored of being held captive.

Train to be an Agent

A "training" led by Agent Six. It has four steps:

  • Orientation
  • Basic training
  • Contain or kill
  • The final exam - available only after finishing stages 1-3

Survival Guide


Exemplary page of the guide

Also known as "The Nanite Survival Guide: How to Protect Yourself Against Mutating Nanites, EVOs and Everything Else" supposedly written by the "Living with Nanites" persona/team.

It is a small leaflet-like book containing three chapters:

  • How to Avoid an EVO Attack
  • How to Fend Off Nanite Infection
  • The Rules of Survival

Each chapter provides tips and pictures on how to preserve yourself from turning into an EVO and how to act when facing one.


Contains several guns with short descriptions of their power.

  • "The teenie meanie" (LIL6689)
    • Shrink target to 1/8 it's size
    • Requires AAAAAA batteries
    • for ages 10+
  • "The tazerator" (TAZ005)
    • can take down three ton rhino
    • manufactures in four different colours
    • stunning
  • "The atomic eraser" (BYE0521)
    • relatively painless to the EVO target
    • recharges in a matter of minutes
    • Warning: might rip a hole in the space/time continuum
  • "The inhaler" (SUX3000)
    • Bags sold separately
    • operates at 4.2 million BTU's
    • not for use around small pets
  • "The oozie" ('GOO11787)
    • comes with two additional globule cartridges
    • Kickback negligible
    • surprisingly easy to clean
  • "The catastrophizer" (EVO9000)
    • Laser blasts can be seen from space!
    • scope is accurate to 0.1 mm
    • slices through titanium like a knife through butter


  • All characters (Dr. Holiday, Agent Six and Rex) are played by actors.
  • As the page was set at the beginning of the show, most of its content is outdated by now.

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