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Six trains flawlessly with his swords by slicing a solid rock in two.

Agent Six has been shown to be proficient with the use of many bladed weapons—his main weapons being his magna blades, which he uses during various duels on the battlefield.[1]

Magna blades

Six Fights Lomitle

Six easily battles with his blades, no matter the circumstance or opponent.

The magna blades are Agent Six's primary weapons. These swords can be folded up and are able to slice through most objects with ease. Agent Six keeps them inside his sleeves and when using them, employs advanced forms of martial arts along with his swordsmanship when engaging with enemies. When Six combines the two swords together their blades resemble a tuning fork and can create a magnetic attraction, allowing all types of metals to be drawn to it.[2] The swords are shown to be able to cut through rock and metal with ease.[3][4] Six can also join the hilts of these blades in order to form a double-bladed staff.[2] His magna blades are also capable of channeling electricity.[5][6]

Shuriken blades

Six Blade

Usually fighting close range, Six utilizes throwing blades for far ranged combat.

Six also has small shuriken-like blades that he uses for long range. Although they are small, they appear very similar to his swords. They have the same handle like his regular swords, but they are bladed on both ends. When thrown, they propel through the air and pierce objects such as metal.[6] However, they have been shown to have little effect.[7]


Six Katana Six Minus Six

Originally, Six used a single katana during his first few years with Providence.

Agent Six used a katana during the earlier years of his affiliation with Providence. Currently being skilled enough to fight with two swords, Six was extremely agile and talented with a single one, making him incredibly mastered in this form of swordsmanship. He was able to quickly strike his opponents and could even defend himself from bullets by blocking and deflecting them.[8] With this katana, he could slice bullets and even penetrate the fields of Rex's Block Party. When Six had lost his memory, he appeared to be more comfortable fighting with his former katana.[9]


  • Dr. Holiday first called the blades of Six's swords "Magna Blades".[6]
  • It is shown that the swords reflect a lot of light, enough that Six can use it as a mirror.[2]
  • Before Six became an official agent of Providence, he wielded a single katana with a traditional tsuba and sheath.
  • It is mentioned that Six feels partially naked without his swords.[8]
  • Throughout the series, Six has never used a gun (except for one point where he used it as a blunt weapon.[5]).


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