Nanite wall

Circe and Rex encounter the nanite wall.

The Abysus nanite wall is an incredible wall entirely composed of nanites. It is located in Abysus's tunnels. The wall is cream colored, mushy and very dense.

It was created to prevent others from entering a protected laboratory where the Nanite Project had taken place. In addition, the wall can create life-like creatures to ward off uninvited guests.


Circe mentioned that Van Kleiss would send EVOs into this part of the castle, but would never return after their venture.[1]

Nanite wall beings

The wall creates beings entirely made of nanites to ward off intruders.

While in search for the Meta-Nanite, Rex and Circe searched the dark tunnels of Abysus. Eventually, the two were blocked off by the wall. While examining the wall, three humanoid bodies happened to emerge from it. Rex drew that the creatures only followed their flashlights since it was too dark for them to see. Circe led three creatures away while Rex created a diversion to destroy them. Rex used his Rex's Ride to crash into and stun them. Circe then sung while aiming at the ceiling, causing rubble and rocks to fall on top of them. After examining the wall some more, Rex stuck his hand into the wall to communicate with the nanites. Eventually, the wall parted, and Rex entered.[1]


Season Three


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