Name Abysus
Points of interest Van Kleiss' castle
Inhabitants Van Kleiss
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"
Last appearance "Assault on Abysus"
This is Abysus, the heart of the EVO world...

Biowulf to Rex, "Assault on Abysus"

Abysus is a country once ruled by Van Kleiss and functions as the base of operations for The Pack. After Van Kleiss's fall, Biowulf became the country's new leader.[1]


Six years prior to the present,[2] Abysus became the birthplace for EVOs after the Nanite Event took place there.[3] Most if not all of the country's human population were turned EVO, and those who did not were either evacuated or killed.

Abysus prior to the Nanite Event.

After the Event, Van Kleiss eventually took control of the EVO population and whatever government was left of Abysus, declaring it a haven for EVOs. Soon after, the EVO population continued to increase. Abysus now has its own army, one made up of a large force of mindless beasts and a much smaller and more intelligent special unit called The Pack.[3]

Militarily, Abysus has had several setbacks since Van Kleiss invaded the United Nations, making it an enemy of not only Providence but also the world. The loss of Van Kleiss's nature generating powers cost Abysus its defense system that at one time was capable of taking out an entire Providence army. The most recent setback was the loss of several Pack members as only two out of its original five remain.

Abysus and its EVO inhabitants were eventually conquered by Black Knight and Providence while trying to retrieve the Meta-Nanite hidden there.[1]


Caesar shows Abysus' location on a map.

Before the Nanite Event, Abysus resembled a desolate town with a castle located at its center.

After the Nanite Event, every square inch of Abysus was infused with nanites. The explosion turned the sky crimson red, wiped out most of the buildings, and turned most of the townspeople into EVOs. The ruined town is largely replaced with forests likely grown by Van Kleiss's powers, while the only inhabitants seem to be EVOs - either the survivors of the Event or brought there on the orders of Van Kleiss.

Abysus is also infested with highly unstable nanites. Van Kleiss's body acts as a stabilizer and assures that the nanites do not run wild. During his temporary death, the nanites went out of control and started devouring everything until Rex revived Van Kleiss.[4]


  • Van Kleiss' castle- Van Kleiss' castle is the home of Van Kleiss and the Pack. It was heavily damaged in the Event.



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