(It starts off at a convention with Doctor Branden Moses presenting something new to a crowd of people.)
Dr. Branden: The pace of study has been staggeringly slow. There have been no significant advancements in nanite research since the original event. Simply put— Providence isn't doing enough!
(Shows a brief scene of Rebecca Holiday at Providence while Doctor Branden Moses is still talking.)
Dr. Branden: What is required is not a military response, but a serious, throughtful reaction. A scientific answer. The poor and afflicted earns more. The world deserves more.
(Doctor Branden gives out a sign for the large curtains behind him to be lifted, revealing a large machine. The audience gasp in curiosity. Later an E.V.O. is shown being pulled out unto the stage.)
Dr. Branden: This is Diane, mother of three. Diane has been diagnosed as incurable, a lost cause. (cuts back to Holiday at Providence.) Since then, she's been treated like an animal. Locked away from her family. No hope on horizon. Until NOW!
(Diane is then places into the machine)
Agent Six: (to Rebecca Holiday) Holiday...Rebecca. You are the strongest, smartest woman I have ever met... and the most stubborn. You never give up! If there is a way to help your sister, find it.

White Knight:(To Doctor Holiday) We're not running a boarding house here. No more relatives! (after seeing how lively her sister is) Fragile... right.
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