"A Family Holiday"
Season 2, Episode 15
A Family Holiday
Air date September 30, 2011
Written by Man of Action
Directed by Rick Morales
John Fang
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"A Family Holiday" is the 15th episode of season two of Generator Rex and the 36th of the overall series. It debuted on September 30, 2011.


After witnessing a public presentation of an incurable EVO getting cured, Doctor Holiday goes to desperate lengths to have her younger sister, Beverly, treated. Renowned doctor and scientist, Brandon Moses, claims to have engineered a machine that can seemingly cure these EVOs. Before Holiday can proceed, she asks her superior for permission. However, White Knight voices his disapproval about getting another organization involved and states that Beverly will not be allowed back into Providence if everything falls through. Although the risks could result in Holiday losing her sister, it is a chance she is willing to take. Convinced that it all sounds too good to be true, Agent Six and Rex investigate and uncover some surprising details about Moses, his company, and learn that he is not who he presents himself as.


215-Holiday in audience

Holiday is astonished by Moses' presentation.

At a public demonstration at Moses Labs, CEO, Doctor Branden Moses, is fed up with Providence's militant approach to EVOs. Instead, he states that if science broke it, then science can fix it. Moses introduces the crowd to a large and violent EVO he identifies as "Diane", an incurable EVO and former mother of three. Before the audience's very eyes, Diane is strapped into a large contraption before it is activated. Shortly afterward, Diane emerges from the contraption, appearing to be partially reverted back into her human form. This evokes heavy applause from the crowd. However, among the audience is a stunned Doctor Holiday.

Back at Providence, Holiday visits her sister and refers to her by the name "Beverly". She wishes her a happy birthday and gifts her with a pink teddy bear, which Beverly rabidly tears to shreds, thus leaving Holiday heartbroken. More news of Moses' work excites Holiday and she has Branden brought in to evaluate her sister.

This encourages Holiday to work with Moses on the project. While not officially resigning from Providence, she states she has earned five years of vacation time and plans on using it to help Moses. White Knight allows her to go but states that if this does not work, Beverly will not be welcomed back into the Petting Zoo. Suspicious that Moses is not who he is cracked up to be, Agent Six and Rex break into Branden's lab and discover that the "cure" was a hoax—the machine is a fake and "Diane" was never cured at all.

215-Branden takes Beverly

After learning the truth, Holiday fights to get Beverly back but fails.

Moses reveals that the true purpose of his plan is to weaponize incurable EVOs and sell them to the black market. His machine's true function further mutates the EVOs and makes them even deadlier. When Rex tries to cure one of the EVOs, he discovers that he is only able to remove the effects, returning them to their previous EVO form before they entered the machine. Six is able to contact Five who gives information about where Moses is holding the auction to sell off the incurables. Satisfied with the new information, Rex, Holiday, and Six begin to leave. Before departing, Five compliments Holiday and advises Six not to "screw it up", seeing that they have history.

Arriving in the Arctic, where the auction is being held, Moses is heavily outmatched by them. After Six threatens to take Moses' life, Moses reveals that he actually did find a way to cure incurables but turning them into weapons was simpler and profitable. However, he is able to escape and frees his evolved EVO army, one of them being Beverly, to finish off the infiltrators.

215-Six helps Holiday

Six selflessly puts his life on the line to cure Beverly.

At this point, Providence arrives to provide backup and they begin to capture the EVOs. Distressed, Holiday receives a pep talk from Six and begins to repair and modify the machine while Six and Rex begin corralling Beverly into it. Six is advised to use his magna blades to reverse the machine's polarity, however, it is too risky. Taking the chance, the machine nearly kills Six and he narrowly survives. The machine malfunctions in the process, however, Beverly survives the explosion. Better yet, she is successfully cured and walks out of the machine unharmed.

In the aftermath of it all, Rex has an epiphany and decides to stop flirting with Holiday seeing that she is too mature for him. He states that Beverly is more of a teenage version and makes an effort to spend time with her. In the meantime, Six and Holiday decide to go on a date of their very own as a way of showing one another gratitude.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Daryl Sabara Rex Salazar
Wally Kurth Agent Six
Grey DeLisle Rebecca Holiday
Freddy Rodriguez Caesar Salazar
Nolan North Branden Moses (debut)
Security guard (debut)
J. K. Simmons White Knight
John DiMaggio Bobo Haha
Human EVO (debut)
Olivia d'Abo Five
Jennifer Stone Beverly Holiday
Non-speaking role(s)
Van Kleiss (cameo)
Diane (debut)

Series continuity

  • This is Five's second appearance since "Divide By Six" where, instead of being an enemy, she attempts to be helpful and mentions her past relationship with Six again.
  • Van Kleiss makes a cameo appearance, being one of the shadowed bidders in Doctor Moses' auction.
  • Doctor Holiday's first name is revealed to be Rebecca.
  • Six's eyes are shown again for the third time. The first time is in "String Theory", where a careful observer could see them, despite Six's sunglasses; the second is in "Divide By Six", where Six removes them while talking to his sensei.


  • At the end of the episode, the song "Close to You" by Infinite-Lane Highway can be heard.
  • This is the third episode of Generator Rex to be accidentally leaked on Cartoon Network's website before airing on TV.
  • Jennifer Stone is the third actor/actress from Wizards of Waverly Place to voice a character on Generator Rex. The first is Daryl Sabara, Rex's voice actor, who portrayed T.J. Taylor. The second is Maria Canals Barrera, the actress for Valentina, who portrayed Teresa Russo.
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