219-AMP pack

Breach wears the AMP pack, unable to remove it.

The AMP Pack was a technological device created by Van Kleiss to enhance the powers of Breach. The device was placed onto Breach's back and wrapped around her torso and forearms, giving her the ability to open portals through time.


Rex had a hard time trying to deactivate it and it never worked. However, turning it on wasn't as hard as turning it off. When Rex Salazar tried to activate the device with his powers Breach used it to send Van Kleiss over four thousand years into the past and accidentally sent Rex six months into the future. [1] Breach having imploded from the stress was transformed into a time anomaly and began stalking Van Kleiss in the past due to the link created by the AMP pack.

Later, when Breach returned to the present, Caesar Salazar was able to used a tachyon device to return Breach to a solid form, Rex then deactivated and destroyed the AMP Pack, freeing Breach from Van Kleiss' control.[2]


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