AMP Profile
Vital statistics
Name AMP
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Yellow (enhanced)
Abilities  ·Nanite augmentation
 ·Explosion enducement
Allies Mouse
Enemies Rex Salazar, Kenwyn Jones, Skwydd
Further info
First appearance "Lost Weekend" (only appearance)
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AMP is an EVO with the ability to enhance nanite power. It was Mouse's partner.


AMP worked together with Mouse trying to prove that humans and EVOs shouldn't mingle. The two worked at a party posing as EVO entertainers where AMP used his powers to blow up random objects for the amusement of the crowd.

After enhancing certain EVO's powers and causing them to lose control, AMP later used its own abilities to turn itself into a living bomb. AMP attempted to detonate itself to kill everyone.

Ironically it was defeated by Skwydd who wrapped his solid, enhanced ink around him, causing the explosion to take place in the small barrier of ink. After its explosion, AMP was shown lying on the ground motionless either dead or unconscious.[1]


AMP has the ability to charge up its hands with a voltage, causing its fingers to grow longer and cause whatever EVO is touched to be overcharged with power.

If the charged object is inanimate, it will merely explode. However, an EVO's nanite power will be overcharged, causing it to lose control. For example, Skwydd, who normally can only create a gaseous form of ink, gained the ability to solidify his ink. AMP's fingers can also stretch to a certain distance in order to reach out for objects.[1]


Season Two

Video Games


  • AMP doppelgangers are one of the first group of enemies encountered in Generator Rex: Agent of Providence, here portrayed as long range snipers that explode when defeated.


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